Zook dating site

A six month membership costs .49 USD a month, billed all at once for .95.

Payment is accepted by credit card, check money transfer or Pay Pal.

You are not required to submit any information you are not comfortable with.

All your personal information can be private and anonymous.

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One thing is for certain: Zoosk is certainly making some serious cash and dents in the rankings of the online dating world.

To cancel a subscription, you must log into Zoosk, go to the "Settings" tab, and then "Subscription".

Pro-rated amounts are not refunded, and the only thing this does is cancel future automatic billing.

Also, beware that if you sign up through the Facebook app, you need to indicate whether you allow Zoosk to post on your page, opting for either 'hidden' or visible posts or notifications.

Personally, we abhor the thought of everyone seeing your moves in the dating arena.

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